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Got a Plumbing emergency in Edmonton or St. Albert surrounding areas? Call now! We have professional plumbers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All of our plumbers are licensed, insured and drug tested.

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Lets face it, when drains and sewer lines backup it is not a great experience. Drains clog for many different reasons. In mainline sewers its usually always roots, grease or any one of the 100’s of miscellaneous objects we have come across over the years.

In smaller drain lines such as lavatory sinks, showers & tubs its usually soap and/or hair buildup. In kitchen sinks, mostly it is food from the disposal along with grease, these are the most common reasons for clogged drains in a home.
At One Hour Plumbing we have years of experience in unclogging & cleaning sewer and drain lines. We use cutting edge equipment. High tech drain machines and or a hydro jetter.

A clogged drain line can be the worst day ever, but One Hour Plumbing has your solution.

First our Edmonton and St. Albert area drain cleaning professionals main goal is to quickly and efficiently pin point your problem. Next, we will thoroughly clean any clogs that are there and help you prevent it from happening again.

It doesn’t matter if your 3 year old stuffed his teddy down the toilet (you wouldn’t believe the things we have pulled out of drain lines) or a more difficult drain or sewer line backup - we've got the right equipment for the right job.

Our trained technicians are on the job to get things flowing freely and performing efficiently. Bathroom sink, bathtub, kitchen sink, main sewer, etc. we can take care of all of it for you in no time.

Edmonton and St. Albert Area Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Many of the pipes beneath our Edmonton and St. Albert homes and streets are very old. Even though these pipes are usually durable, typically made of cast iron or terra cotta, they are not damage proof. Roots routinely cause blockage which require a professional sewer line cleaning from a professional Edmonton drain and sewer line cleaning company, like One Hour Plumbing.

If you have a reoccurring drain or sewer clogging problem or we can’t get the snake cable through the pipe or drain this is when we bring in the cameras. However if you just moved in or finished a remodel sometimes its good to check out the line condition.

Have a Plumbing issue that needs to be addressed fast or need the services of a professional Plumbing Contractor in the Edmonton or St. Albert areas you can always depend on us? Contact One Hour Plumbing today at 587.409.4419