Causes of clogging and How to unclog drains in St. Albert, Alberta Canada

Plumbing issues are often equated with pest which may not go away easily. It attacks your home from different areas. In case you are residing in Edmonton or St. Alberta Canada then your problems can be solved by calling a professional plumbing service. Due to years of experience in the industry, they can detect the cause of a clogged drain in a few minutes.

When the cause of the clogged drain has been found, they usually unclog the drain as soon as possible. Still, it is better to know what the main reason is behind the clogged drain. In most occasions, clogging is observed in the kitchen and bathroom.

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Causes of Clogged Drains

Grease: Cooking oil in addition to grease generally sticks to the drain in the kitchen. It may be seen after pouring water for a rinse. If the grease is not removed quickly then material attaches itself with the surface and becomes harder. Therefore, it is better to ask a professional from a plumbing service to unclog drains in St. Albert, Alberta Canada at regular intervals to eliminate further problems in future.

Hair: One of the most common things found from the drain is hair. It hangs itself within the pipe. Later on, spider webs are created from it. Draining anything through the pipe becomes troublesome. Soap water or shampoo water can be problematic for your drains.


It has been also advised to cover the drain either with a filter or screen. In addition, organic product can be applied through the drain to clean the area. In this way, the drains can be retained in a clog free manner.

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Food: It is quite surprising to know that food can cause a lot of harm to your pipes. Peas, corns and lettuce pieces obstruct the drain path. In spite of water flow, it cannot be broken down easily. Therefore, it leads to a situation of clogged drain. Professional help must be needed on the occasions to unclog drains in St. Albert, Alberta Canada. The fact must be remembered that drains in bathroom and kitchen cannot be utilized as garbage disposal ever.

Paper: Several types of paper are available in the market. For dissolving toilet water, some of them are generally utilized. It is better to use only toilet paper in the bathroom. Other types of paper such as facial tissues, paper towels, wipes and sales receipt must be kept away from the bathroom area.

Bath Salts: By using bath salts in the water, people try to pamper their body after a tiring day. To eliminate chances of a clogged drain, it is better not to use bath salt. It is a kind of material that cannot be dissolved in the water easily. Therefore, it can become a reason behind clogged drains too.

For a homeowner, it is quite hard to avoid drain clogging even after taking preventive measures. Therefore, a call can be made to a plumbing service to unclog drains in St. Albert, Alberta Canada. Machines for drain cleaning are generally used by the professional to solve the problem.

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